Richelo Law Group, LLC
   Mr. Richelo began his career in 1981 with cases where arbitration of disputes was required by the parties' contract.  He soon saw the use of arbitration in achieving closure of disputes at overall costs below those of traditional court litigation, and on a schedule that reaches the finish line sooner.  In 1983, Mr. Richelo joined the American Arbitration Association' panel of construction arbitrators.
    In the past 30 years, Mr. Richelo has served on a variety of arbitration cases, both as a sole arbitrator and on a three-person panel.  As a member of the AAA's construction industry panel, he is also a part of the commercial arbitrator panel.  For nearly a century, the AAA hs been a pioneer of the arbitral science and Mr. Richelo takes advantage of its ongoing Continued Education programs regularly. 

    After completing new arbitrator training and a best practices program, Mr. Richelo has also completed AAA training programs covering all aspects of the arbitration life-cycle, including:
      -  Arbitration Award Writing:   Taught to two of America's top arbitration scholars, this program focused on all aspects of arbitration rules and statutes that aim toward an arbitral end product consisting of an award that meets legal requirements and won't be vacated for any of several common flaws.
      - Exercising Arbitrator Discretion:   This recent and advanced program covered the steps of arbitration and the areas and scenarios in which the experienced arbitrator's skillful exercise of judgment and discretion make the difference between a successful outcome and one that leaves the parties less than satisfied. 

    Mr. Richelo's engagement as an AAA arbitrator is not exclusive.  Richelo Law Group offers his services directly to the public using the rules and procedures found under state law with practical procedural guidelines that can be customized for particular cases. 

   Arbitration does not always succeed at being faster and more cost effective than litigation.  These goals can be defeated if parties are not cooperative or the arbitrator cannot maintain control of the process.  To avoid such undesirable results, Mr. Richelo has studied the nature of arbitration's procedural and practical challenges and implements measures to avoid delay and excessive costs.  His work with other top arbitrators in the Southeast has taught him the solutions for the sticky situations that can bog down the arbitration's progress. 

    Besides construction matters, the Richelo Law Group is ready and able to provide arbitrator services in a broad variety of commercial and business disputes.  As with mediation, we are flexible regarding rates in order to tailor the expense of the process to the size of the conflict and to achieve maximum cost effectiveness.  Qualified, experienced, and skillfully prepared, we can meet your arbitration needs! 
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