Richelo Law Group, LLC

Putting Experience To Work for You

Our Mission:  The Service that You Deserve!

  At Richelo Law Group, we respect your right as a client to the very best service we can provide.  We understand that legal services must provide value to you, the client, in a form that meets your needs and goals.  We remind ourselves every day that your hiring of us puts us in a position of trust.  We are grateful for the opportunity we have to help you with what is usually a very important matter that takes you into the unknowns of the “legal world.”  In performing services for you, we seek to de-mystify that legal world, believing that our mission includes educating you on how to handle future matters in an even better manner, with our help. 


Our Vision:  A Legacy of Client Satisfaction!

    Every mission must have an objective.  Our objective is always the same:  leave the client satisfied that their choice of attorney was the right one, that the services they received were what was needed, that the process left them better off for having selected this firm. 

     Whether you come to us as a business or an individual, we understand your need for an attorney, and the matters you ask us to help resolve, involve circumstances that will have a lasting impact after your case or matter is concluded.  You don’t hire lawyers every day.  The process involves some uncertainty and, perhaps, anxiety.  We strive to provide clarity for you in what we do, so you can see and appreciate the results.  We strip away the jargon and legalese that make our profession’s work hard to understand; we put the options, the decisions, and the results in terms familiar to you.  We want you to know what you are getting and to see its benefits.

    With more than 30 years of experience and over 500 legal assignments brought to conclusion, our firm has built the tools for achieving your goals and keeps those tools in working order.  You will see us put these tools to work for you:


-    Experience:  Lawsuits, contracts, and even relationships follow patterns that are recognizable to professionals who have seen them before.  Experience gives us the ability to know what approach will work and how to go about making that happen. 


-      Ethics and Professionalism:  Our services cannot be effective unless we earn the respect and admiration of our peers, of the courts, and of the general public.  To meet that standard, it isn’t enough to have a knowledge base; your attorney has to go about your work in a fashion that honors and abides by the rules, conducts himself in a way that engenders trust, keeps his promises, and let’s everyone see that your representation is being carried out with integrity.


-      Education:   Clients may face the same problem more than once in their lives.  If your lawyer makes the effort to help you learn from the legal experience, you may avoid a similar problem in the future or be able to resolve it better the next time because of what you learned from your first experience with us.  This happens because we make the effort to ask, “How can the client do better next time?”  This is the best way to provide lasting value.


-      Results: There are many ways to measure results.  Our preferred forms of measure are these:  the ever-growing number of clients who say, “You are the best law firm I’ve ever hired,” and the great number of judges, arbitrators, mediators and even adversaries who have told our clients, “Your lawyer did a great job for you.”  We see every new engagement of our services as a chance to add to those lists! 

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