Richelo Law Group, LLC
    Thomas Richelo has mediation experience since the 1980s.  he has long been a student of and promoter of mediation's benefits in helping parties resolve disputes through the assistance of a neutral, experienced professional who facilitates an examination of the dispute and its possible outcomes and helps achieve a consensual result.  Mr. Richelo has used mediation many times over the years to bring closure to disputes on behalf of his own clients.

    In 2006, Mr. Richelo embarked on the process of becoming a mediator himself, in order to help more disputants finds ways to end their conflict and make cost-effective decisions for doing so.  since then, he has been registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution in General Mediation, and is listed on the Fulton County roster under that office. 

    As a mediator, Mr. Richelo helps the participants in two-party cases and multi-party (three or more) cases as well.  Understanding the dynamics of what causes disputes, and what ways they can be resolved, involves the application of "interest analysis," which is a process learned from experience and one that requires insight, openness, listening skills, empathy and creativity.   Successful mediated outcomes by Mr. Richelo have been achieved in numerous mediations as a result.

    Mr. Richelo is a member of the Panel of Mediators of the American Arbitration Associationl.  As an AAA mediator, Mr. Richelo has helped bring about resolution of complicated construction disputes with challenging characteristics, such as:-
     -    Health care facility construction projects, where additional code requirements for the construction work are in place.
     -    Multi-party disputes.
     -    Design and construction defect issues.
     -    Multi-state project teams.
     -     Up to seven figures in potential liability.
Although his practice for clients focuses mostly on construction industry matters, his mediation services are equally applicable to commercial and business disputes involving other industries, and nearly all areas of legal matters other than domestic relations.

    Mr. Richelo strives to innovate in bringing mediation services to the public by providing certain cost control features to his business model, which include:

      1. No administrative fees:   When you use the Richelo Law Group for mediation, the mediator's hourly rate is the only fee you will pay. 
      2. No multi-party surcharges:    Most major mediation services set fees using a "per party rate" that is reduced for cases with three or more parties but which, collectively, results in a higher total hourly fee when three or more parties are involved.  Richelo Law Group recognizes that just because the dispute involves more than two parties, the price of the service should not increase.  So, two parties each pay half of set rate, three parties pay one-third, and so on.  In multi-party cases, therefore, the per-party savings is greater than the savings with most major services.  Since most disputes are about money, saving on dispute resolution costs is essential to successful resolution!
     3.  Flexible hourly rates:   The fees for mediation should not be one-size-fits-all.  Rates charged by many mediators and services make them out of reach for parties with disputes involving lower-end dollar amounts.  To be accessible to individuals and businesses with relatively small disputes, we offer mediator service at rates that simply are not found with other attorney mediators that have practice experience of more than 30 years.  This reflects our commitment to serve as much of the public, and help resolve as many disputes, as we can. 
     4.    Persistency:   Mr. Richelo has taken mediated cases to agreed resolution where other participants were willing to declare impasse.  To accomplish this, determination and resourceful, creative approaches are key traits for your mediator to have.

    You and your company should consider taking advantage of Richelo Law Group's mediation skills and favorable rates.  Don't let transaction costs become one more obstacle to a successful outcome.  
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